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Feb 2022
Russia invaded Ukraine. If you can somehow help the Ukrainian side in this war, please contact official sources or contact us directly

Feb 2015
We are available at domain

9 Apr 2015
Ukrainian Parliament prohibited export of round logs:
- all wood logs except pine starting from 1st Nov 2015
- pine logs starting from 1st Jan 2017

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Requirements in accordance with GOST 22296-89

# Parameter, attribute The requirement
1 grade 2 grade
1 Breed of wood according to the specification
2 Nominal length, m from 1,0 up to 6,5
3 Deviations from nominal length, m:
- short log
from-0,02 up to +0,02
- long log from +0,03 up to +0,10
4 Diameter of a log, cm from 6 up to 24
5 Diameter of the greatest knot, cm 8 allowed
6 Average quantity of open knots (except for rotten and tobacco) diameter from 3 up to 8 cm on 1 m of length of a log, pieces 5 allowed
7 Diameter of the greatest rotten or tobacco knot, cm not allowed 5
8 Average quantity of rotten and tobacco knots in diameter up to 5 cm on 1 m of length of a log, pieces not allowed 1
9 The area fungus kernel spots and strips, a share of the area of a butt-end 0,33 allowed
10 Brown streak, resin streak, a canker, bark pocket, a superficial and deep wormhole not allowed allowed
11 Thickness of a cutting of kernel decays and hollow, shares of thickness of a butt-end not allowed 0,33 on one of butt
12 Sapwood rot and external mouldering decay, carbonization, foreign impurities not allowed
13 Height of sweep, percentage from length of a log 3,0
14 Height of knots (from a bark), cm 2
15 Butt trimming Not more than admission on length It is supposed

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