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Feb 2022
Russia invaded Ukraine. If you can somehow help the Ukrainian side in this war, please contact official sources or contact us directly

Feb 2015
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9 Apr 2015
Ukrainian Parliament prohibited export of round logs:
- all wood logs except pine starting from 1st Nov 2015
- pine logs starting from 1st Jan 2017

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Designation of GOST The name of GOST Requirements
GOST 78-89 Wooden sleepers for railways of a broad gauge. Specifications.  
GOST 2140-81 Visible defects of wood. Classification, terms, definitions.  
GOST 2695-83 Sawn timber of hardwoods. Specifications. Requirements
GOST 5306-83 Sawn timber and preparations. Tables of volumes.  
GOST 5780-77 Lagging for fastening excavations. Specifications.  
GOST 6564-84 Sawn timber and feedstock. Acceptance procedures, quality monitoring, marks and transportation. Requirements
GOST 6782.1-75 Sawn timber of softwoods. Size of shrinkage. Requirements
GOST 6782.2-75 Sawn timber of hardwoods. Size of shrinkage. Requirements
GOST 7016-82 Products from wood and wood materials. Parameters of a roughness of a surface.  
GOST 7307-75 Details from wood and wood materials. Allowances on machining.  
GOST 8486-86 Sawn timber of softwoods. Specifications. Requirements
GOST 15612-85 Products from wood and wood materials. Methods of definition of parameters of a roughness of a surface.  
GOST 16369-96 Packages transport forest products. The sizes.  
GOST 16588-91 Sawn timber and wooden details. Methods of determination of moisture content.  
GOST 18288-87 Saw-mill manufacture. Terms and definitions.  
GOST 19041-85 Transport packages and blocks-packages of sawn timber. Packing, marks, transportation and storage.  
GOST 24454-80 Sawn timber of coniferous species. The sizes.  
GOST 26002-83 Sawn timber of coniferous species of northern sorting, delivered for export. Specifications.  
GOST 26214-84 Products from wood and wood materials. The errors admitted at measurement of the linear sizes.  
OST 13-24-86 Unedged boards. Ways of the calculation of volume. Requirements
OST 13-28-74 Rough edge (slab) of softwoods.  

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