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Last News:

Feb 2022
Russia invaded Ukraine. If you can somehow help the Ukrainian side in this war, please contact official sources or contact us directly

Feb 2015
We are available at domain

9 Apr 2015
Ukrainian Parliament prohibited export of round logs:
- all wood logs except pine starting from 1st Nov 2015
- pine logs starting from 1st Jan 2017

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About Us

About Us

LiS Ltd. is an international trading company exporting timber products from Ukraine. The name of our company "LiS" in translation from Ukrainian means "wood" or "forest". Our central office is located in the central Ukrainian city Cherkassy. At present we work with customers in Spain, France, Poland and Turkey.

We are working as agency company and offer professional agency services, searching for necessary suppliers for your needs and providing additional services. We provide consistent quality control of all products supplied from Ukraine inspecting the suppliers on a regular basis.

We export hardwoods and softwoods in the form of strips, elements, edged and unedged boards, lamellas, solid panels, glued beams, flooring and parquet elements, square beams for furniture and construction purposes.

We can provide you any kind of product from sawlogs, veneers logs, construction timber, AD (air dried), KD (kiln dried), S4S sawn timber till top-layers, finished parquet and glued products. The main species we work with are oak, beech, sycamore, maple, ash, cherry, birch, acacia, poplar, alder, pine, spruce and silver fir.

Sliced veneer export is our second main direction. The main species of veneer production are oak, beech and sycamore. Please check veneer section and veneer gallery to know more.

We are looking for long term cooperation. If we don't find what you need, please mail, fax or call us with your demands. We will check your inquiries and give you the best offers. We will help you to investigate the Ukrainian timber business community and to build your timber business in Ukraine.

We hope this web site will be helpful to you and provide you information about us and the possibilities we can do for you.

Here you can find a list of wood products, which we deal with and which are available in the stocks right now.

Feel free to contact us and we will help you to build right purchasing program in Ukraine.

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